Waterlooplein fleamarket

Japanese woodcuts and python skin heels

As fervent vintage and antiques lovers, one of our most favorite things to do, is to stroll through the Waterlooplein (flea)market in search for small and hidden treasures.

The Waterloo square itself isn’t old nor beautiful and the part that you should aim for is the outer part facing and along the canal; Zwanenburgwal.
It had its golden period in the 70’s and 80’s – as many things did – but it is coming back with fervor and is regaining a bit of its former glory.

Take your time to savor and let your wandering glance find its prey. Nothing as fulfilling as finding the thing you weren’t looking for! From a Japanese woodcut to a pair of python skin heels.

Enjoy the playfulness of the bargaining and remember; no price is set in stone. Besides treasure hunting you can have a warm and heady conversation with some of the loyal and sturdy stallholders who passionately survive cold, rain and burning sun with dignity and dedication every day, to sell us their eclectic variety of things. Enjoy your search and bury it as a crock of gold…