Vlaams Friteshuis Fleminckx

Best Belgium fries

Many people think this is THE best place for fries…and that’s why there is usually quite a line of people happily waiting for a delicious (vegetarian) treat.
Good quality potatoes, freshly fried & lots of sauces to choose from! But as you may well know since Pulp Fiction, we Dutch like ‘em ‘drowned’ in mayonnaise! If you don’t want to eat standing outside (it’s takeaway only) you can take your bag of fries and go to the bar across the alley as long as you buy a drink there.
Not only people like the fries—pigeons swarm around the place eating what you drop. They’re harmless but dirty, carrying diseases and are often not too easy on the eye since a lot of them have infections and are walking around on stumps. Don’t fucking feed them!

Useless fact:
The city of Amsterdam and other cities like Rotterdam feed pigeons birdseed mixed with contraceptives to keep the population down