Velvet Music

Lovely music, lovely staff

Velvet Music, at the edge of the Jordaan, is a good example of why online shopping doesn’t quite cut it for us. You might find the same records, books etc through the internet but purchasing it with human interaction is so much better especially when the staff is as nice as here! But hey, for all you couch-shoppers, they’ve got a pretty good online store as well . Another plus is the presence of a stereo with headphones so you won’t buy a ‘cat in the bag’. Oh and let’s not forget to mention their great collection of new and second-hand ceedees and vinyl for you to discover! Thank you Velvet for being around!!

Useless fact:
On the left picture you see the single ‘little green bag’ by the dutch group George Baker Selection, made famous by Quentin Tarantino who used the song for his debut Reservoir Dogs.