Taste of Culture

Traditional chinese dishes!

The Dutch have always been quite fond of Chinese food. Every little two-horse town usually has a Chinese restaurant with a compromised selection of plates which wouldn’t upset the Dutchman’s stomach or eating habits. Simply put- a bit bland.
Luckily Amsterdam has quite a few good quality Chinese restaurants with ‘traditional’ dishes and Taste of Culture is one we like to visit. Don’t expect a fancy interior or super-polite waitresses but expect delicious affordable dishes served quickly.
We love the Peking duck with orange sauce and their vegetables are deeeelicious too! Hey ho let’s go!

Useless fact:
The first Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam, Kong Hing, was opened in 1928 by Mister Ng Ho Yong. Apparently Josephine Baker liked their food a lot since she came by more than once for dinner!!