Skatecafe Karin & Yvonne

Skate or die!

Skatecafe Amsterdam or “Skatecafe Karin & Yvonne”, as it is officially named, is situated in the North of Amsterdam. It takes a little effort to get there but we all know the outskirts of town usually hold the most interesting places !

A once industrial building the Skatecafe Amsterdam is now a great spacious hangout where the creative, young and rebellious crowd gathers to drink, eat and party.
If you are up for it you can skate the fun sized concrete ramp, free of charge. The ramp is mostly not too crowded and all levels are accepted.

Skatecafe Amsterdam is also known to throw a mean party, check out their social media for the intel about their notorious party’s. ( May we recommend the ‘Order’ evenings!)

usefull fact: A few miles away there’s ‘Skatepark Noord’ for more bonebreaking fun.