Private Boat Tours

Classy canal cruisers

Not only are the streets of Amsterdam flooded with tourists, the canals are starting to look like Bangkok streetmarkets too. Of course there are major canalcruise companies with boats that are more or less busses on water but recently a lot of new ‘entrepeneurs’ are getting into the canal tours biz. This has resulted in the most ugly floating objects imaginable, usually pumping a stereo and getting people hammered.

Not so ‘Private Boat Tours’…this company, run by our friends and all-round lovely couple Tommy and Natalia, has been around for many years with classy, beautiful saloon boats serving not only the rich and famous but anyone looking for some top quality time on the Amsterdam water. Expensive? Sure, it will set you back some cash but hey- you wanna be king of the canals or what? ( We sure do, so please don’t forget to donate to our humble website, people : )

Celebrity fact:
Johnny and Vanessa toured on one of their 4 saloonboats called ‘Paradis’