Amen to this rocktemple!

‘Pop temple’ Paradiso is a big part of Amsterdam history! This music venue is drenched in the sweat of the greatest musicians of all times. Squatted by hippies in ’67 and turned into the ‘Cosmic relaxcenter Paradiso’ a year later it became one of the most popular venues for national and international acts to perform. Pretty much every day sumthing is going on whether it’s a ‘big’ act on the main stage or artists or deejays performing in the small upper room or basement. Check out their agenda to see what’s happening!

Useless fact:
in 1994 the Rolling Stones did two shows in Paradiso for the sheer joy of playing for a smaller crowd in a more intimate setting. Hearsay: Since there would been video recordings they made sure the crowd was selected young and good-looking ( quite the opposite of themselves, haha ).

Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam
+31(0)20 626 8790