Pacific Parc

Food, drinks and rock and roll

Pacific Parc is part of the Westergas area, which has a lot to offer: there’s the Westerpark which is great for summertime laziness, there are coffeebars, a cinema, a jazzclub, different restaurants, music, venues, exhibitions and of course this joint called Pacific Parc.
This place has its own style which you don’t see around too much…it’s got a nice sorta punk-rock-meets exotica kinda vibe to it but at the same time family-friendly ( beware of wild kids running loose ).
In spite of the hugeness of the place it’s definitely cosy, featuring an inviting fireplace, and the ( excusez le mot ) alternative staff serves food and drinks with a smile & a cheerful attitude. Check out their website to see when there’s a deejay or a band playing some crazy feverish rock ‘n’ roll.