Mike’s bike tours

To bike or not to bike!

Okay this one’s tricky…bikes and tourists… ask anyone from Amsterdam about this subject and they’ll say it’s annoyance #2 ( #1 being the beerbike ).
So with this post comes a big-ass warning: Don’t be a fool, if you’re not used to riding a bike daily in a crowded, busy environment, then please do not rent one in Amsterdam!!!
You’ll just be in the way and will probably get shouted at, booed off your bike or get hit by a cab, tram or lightning from Thor’s hammer!! ( We really saw this happen more than once, just trying to save lives here bro. )

On the other hand, to truly appreciate Amsterdam in full (and this website too for that matter) you really could use a bike. We think Mike and his international crew of bicycle-bohemians are by far the best in town for both bike rental and bike tours!

‘Our guides are a bunch of fun-loving freaks who have settled or were born in Amsterdam, having developed a real love for sharing this city with you, doing so with lots of facts and goofy opinions.’

5 big bike-rental dont’s:

-Don’t stop in the middle of the road to check your map for where you are!
-Don’t use your phone while biking, if you wanna make that selfie, you moron, do it off-bike!
-Don’t use your bell like it’s a sampler or percussion instrument…it’s annoying as shit!
-Don’t put your little kids on one, this isn’t Disneyland!
-Don’t drink or use drugs while biking, it’s hard enough doing it sober in this city!
-Don’t mistreat your bike by pretending to be Evel Knievel- it’s not yours, you’re renting it, remember?