Arthouse cinema

Located across the street from the University of Amsterdam this ‘non- hierarchical’ theater is run by students and the big crowd hanging out outside and inside reflects this: young, a bit alternative and in the midst of their lives. There’s a really nice vibe about this place and their choice of movies ( edgy arthouse, as stated on their site ) is top of the bill!

interesting fact:
founding members of Kriterion, Wouter van Zeytveld and Piet Meerburg, were involved in the resistance movement back in World War 2, saving many Jewish children from being transported to the concentration camps in Germanyas well as other acts of heroism. By creating this movietheatre in November 1945, they provided means for students to finance their studies and other expenses (the same reason they opened a daycare center in 1949 and a gas station in 1960, both of which are still around today).

Roetersstraat 170
1018 WE Amsterdam
+31(0)20 623 1708