Het Rijk van de Keizer

The Emperor’s Empire

We are not talking about Royalty nor a George Lucas movie… We would like to share this enchanted place of squash and roses, where old military depots form the décor of this countryside charmed place of luscious green in the outskirts of New West.

Every last Sunday of the month at around 05:00 pm the guests will gather to have a 4 course meal, sitting along as familiar strangers at a long crisp white linen table embraced by a curtain of rich grape plants, to live La Dolce Vita!
Extravagantly beautiful at a starry and heady summer night.
( We can absolutely recommend this place not so much for the food as for the experience of natural refinement and raw romantic beauty. )

Make your reservation at info@hetrijkvandekeizer.nl or call: +31(0)20 4977506 to guarantee yourself and your loved ones an emperor’s banquet.
The empire also has an informal Cantina which is open every Tuesday till Sunday from 11:00 am – 07:00 pm.