Hotel at the parc

Finding a decent place to stay may be the hardest part of travelling. You just never really know what it is ur getting into when making a reservation for a good night’s sleep. We stumbled upon this hostel while biking through the Oosterpark and were quite amazed by the way they changed this old university zoological building. Using a lot of the original interior it’s been transformed into a modern, stylish yet warm hotel. From the murals to the chairs to their kitchen and bar, everything is done well and tastefully yet is still affordable so we saw a lot of young travellers around.
Another great plus is their outdoor porch overlooking the park where you can enjoy food and drinks from their café/bar Nescio.

Useless fact:
After goin’ online we found that Generator is part of a chain of European hotels. So alongside ‘Febo Snackbars’ ( food section) this is an exception to our ‘no franchise or chain companies’ rule! We promise!

Generator Hotel
Mauritskade 57
1092 AD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 708 5600