Fuku Fried Hats

You’ve made it to Amsterdam and everything is great, except one essential detail.. coffee.

I’m not talking about the mediocre, push the button on the machine, weak brew and weird fake milk froth. We’re looking for the real deal, double shot, fresh off the grind cup of love.

That’s where Friedhats FUKU Cafe comes to save the day. Slightly out of the centre in Bos en lommer the guys at FUKU will not disappoint in fulfilling all your caffeine dreams. They micro-roast an array of different blends each with a unique flavor profile (also available to purchase for home use) .

Pair that with your choice of milk and delicious side of cake – also free of gluten and refined sugar if you so desire – and I assure you, your day will be instantly improved.

*Not only does it taste fantastic, they also focus strongly on sustainability, buying coffee directly from farmers and using reusable and recyclable packaging for their products. Woo hoo!