Indonesian food, jamaican music

Bojo has been around since the eighties serving mildly spicy Indonesian food in one of the most touristy streets of Amsterdam. We don’t recommend the area but we DO recommend this place! In the early years, when the kitchen would be open till 3 am, Bojo had quite a reputation serving barflies and clubbers.
Those days/nights are gone but they still will serve till about 11-12 pm depending how busy it is ( most kitchens in Amsterdam close at 10 pm ). We like Bojo for their food, their warm and cozy interior but also for their excellent choice of music- smooth soul and even better, Roots-reggae if Glen is working ( tall, friendly bald guy, can’t miss him : )

Meaty fact: Their satés ( little bamboo skewer with pieces of roasted meat ) are topnotch.