FC Hyena

Wine and dine at the cinema

FC Hyena in Amsterdam North combines organic wines with delicious wood fire oven cooked food, cinema and a terrace overlooking the IJ canal ( drinks and food are allowed in the cinema ). In the summertime people go for a swim and there’s even a basket-crane put up for you Evel Knievels out there!
Great neighbours too: bouldering club Monk ( see fun section ), restaurant De Goudfazant ( in our experience the most kid-friendly restaurant ) and restaurant/bar Hangar with its superb terrace at the water! Oh yeah- from March till October there’s a cute little trunk sale ( see fun section ) to perhaps score some antique/vintage treasures.

Useless fact:
Evel Knievel was an American stuntman well known for his superfly outfits and his motorstunts often leaving him with quite a few broken bones. He set the record with 37.