‘t Monumentje

A bar Bukowski would like!

If Bukowski were still be alive and lived in Amsterdam, he’d probably be sitting down at the old wooden bar in ’t Monumentje. Here there are no false pretenses, here you can come as you are.
Just to sit here for a few hours is as good as it gets but if you like a little more action come in the first Thursday of the month for some live music or the third Thursday of the month for dj MegaRolf who’ll be playing his vinyl 45’s. You can bring your own, too, but don’t be offended if MegaRolf decides your favourite song is a no-go.

Useless fact:
In 1985, a library in Holland banned one of Charles Bukowski’s books- Tales of Ordinary Madness. The library officials said the work was “very sadistic, occasionally fascist and discriminatory against certain groups ( including homosexuals ).”
( taken from an article on boingboing.net by Xeni Jardin ) To read the letter Bukowski wrote to the library go to: