Café De Nieuwe Lelie

Brown & cosy

One of the good things about Amsterdam, if not the best, is the fact that it’s so accessible by foot or bike. We think the Jordaan area is especially good for this. Few cars and a lot of little streets, beautiful canals, bridges and café’s.
Café De Nieuwe Lelie has that ‘Jordanese’ feel to it : brown and cosy with a no-nonsense attitude! Since the seventies they have served generations of Jordanese people and other locals as well as students. They have nice beers on draft ( try the ‘Texelse skuumkoppe’ , a really nice beer made on one of the 5 Dutch islands in the north ) and a pooltable downstairs! Oh and yes of course the ‘Dutch tapas’ like bitterballen, cheese and sausage.

Useless fact:
Like De Nieuwe Lelie, a lot of café’s in the Jordaan area have beautiful hand-painted lettering on their windows ( Amsterdam’s Curly Letter ).
Check out this blog if you’d like to read more about this really cool craftsmanship:

Krul & the untold history of the ‘Amsterdamse Krulletter’