Café De Ceuvel

Biological food & drinks

Back in the olden days ‘North’ ( the part of Amsterdam across the body of water known as Het IJ ) was frowned upon by many Amsterdammers, people not considering it really a part of the city.
As many popular cities, Amsterdam is changing and expanding like there’s no tomorrow and nowadays ‘North’ is becoming very popular. Unlike the other parts of the city, North has still space for more ‘experimental’ or’ alternative’ hang-outs ( a bit Berlin-ish maybe )
Café the Ceuvel, located in an old shipyard, is a place that’s not only beautiful but with a ideological mindset as well. It’s part of ‘an award-winning sustainable planned workplace for creative and social enterprises.’ as their highly informative website mentions.
As a result, there are old houseboats being used as workspaces, special plants cleaning the polluted soil, a pretty much self sufficient energy system and a café completely built out of recycled materials. They really strive for the most ecologically profound way of producing their drinks and vegetarian food.
If this hasn’t cleaned up your dirty karma u can join a chakra-dance or some yoga classes as well ( check their website for various activities ).