Substances for the mind body and spirit

Do we promote drugs? Guess we do, especially if they make you smarter! And if the drugs don’t make you smarter then for sure the staff of Azarius will!
They see it as their responsibility to make sure you don’t do anything stupid with their merchandise ( like combine truffles with alcohol, you silly you! ).
There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking drugs so listen well and take their advice seriously.
Although all the products they sell are legal and herbal/natural, it still can give a pretty powerful experience ( eg Salvia!! ).
Having said that, we enjoy the very mellowing effects of Kratom, which can be a bit like opium.

A few products from Azarius:

-magic truffles
-CBD oil
-Drug testers

Useless fact:
Mushrooms became illegal in Holland because of a few pretty nasty ‘accidents’ with people goin’ mental after a dose of mushrooms. They’re called:’Flying tourists’! ( Some people argue that it wasn’t just the mushrooms but other ‘toxins’ as well. )