Café ‘t Sluisje

Bicycle pit stop

For those who want to escape the madness of the city we recommend renting a bike
from Mike ( see ‘fun’ section ) and heading out to the countryside with its meadows and ditches, its cows and birds. If you’re lucky you might even catch sight of a fox.
Take the ferry up north from the Central Station ( the 907 to Buikslotermeer or the 915 to Zamenhofstraat ) and pedal your way up to the Nieuwendammerdijk and -why not?- further to Durgerdam, Holysloot, Broek in Waterland and other beautiful villages in the countryside.
Café ’t Sluisje is the perfect stop for liquid refreshment and a bite. It has a nice big terrace on the water but inside is just as good since the interior is a sight for sore eyes. Enjoy!!

Useless fact:
Recently owner Mrs de Ruyter and her two daughters sold the place to inhabitants of the Nieuwendammerdijk who crowdfunded enough money to buy it. Just goes to show the love they have for their beautiful old tavern.