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Talk about Amsterdam is about connecting you with the best Amsterdam has to offer. It’s also about trying to encourage people to spend their money at small, local businesses instead of big corporations, companies or franchises.Talkaboutamsterdam has been made without any financial support whatsoever but with a great deal of TLC. We don’t like advertisements that’s why you won’t see any ads on this site. There’s a button where u can donate if you feel this website helped you to have a good time. If you have any suggestions, stuff we’re missing or just some kind words please contact us at:



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Full time tattoo-artist at ‘Tattoo Joris & Co and part-time father of 2 wonderfull kids who we’re born in Amsterdam. In 2013 I started writing and taking pics of small entrepreneurs in Amsterdam for this website. Lisbon would be a great city for the next site and I dream about opening a nightclub called: ‘the devil’s klub’. Keep you posted on that one!


Daisy-Lee-text corrections

Originally from San Francisco, I loved Amsterdam from the moment I visited as a 5-year-old. Though an awful lot has changed in the 30-plus years I’ve lived here, it’s still full of surprises: architectural juxtapositions and details waiting hundreds of years to be noticed. I’m a costumer & make decors, do textile repairs as well as working in a vintage shop. It’s also been my pleasure to do corrections here and there on Joris’ texts.


Nick-chef design

Raised on a farm and graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in 2011 I now live in IJmuiden and work as UX/UI designer in Amsterdam. Got me some cool tatts and love building/riding push– and motorbikes.



39 years, mother of two , girlfriend of one, I completed my degree in publishing but found my joy in woodworking and making furniture. I’ve lived in every corner of Amsterdam in the last 20 years. I can see it change through the years. But some places have the power and people to survive time and hipness and have their very own identity.



My name is Lotus Mercedes Mous. I was born in Amsterdam in 2004 and now I’m living in Leeuwarden. My hobby’s are playing soccer (with my dad), drawing and dancing. I also like to take pictures and now I do so for this website.



I have a degree in philosophy. A law degree. And 3 little boys. I’m Californian but I desperately want to be Dutch and live in Amsterdam. For now, I’m studying Nederlands, visiting twice a year to explore your amazing city, and dreaming of the day. I also consider myself an expert on beer and am a mediocre bass guitar player.


Natalia Cincunegui-texts

Like our queen, I was born in Buenos Aires, my last name is Basque and live and work in The Netherlands. Unlike her, my king is handsome and my parents left that city for the same reason hers stayed.

Enjoying writing for this site, made by friends for friends to be.

As a visual artist I try to make drawings I would like to own and others to be moved by.
My illustrated book The Journey of Mr. Naut just came out and like him we are on a Journey; discovering and tasting people and places.